MSI GE63 Raider 8SF 096MY Review

Hi and whazzup gamers, once again I’m here today to review another new notebook from MSI and this time it will be a hardcore gaming laptop. Without further ado, let me introduce to you the *drum rolls* MSI GE63 Raider 8SF 096MY. Let’s have a look what sorts of gaming laptop MSI GE63 Raider is.

Design and Physical Attributes

As you can see here, MSI GE63 is black colour same with majority of the gaming laptops in the market. You can spot the MSI logo at the top with lighting illuminated within the cover, which is also accompanied by 2 stripes of RGB lights on each side of the top cover. In my opinion, the RGB stripes are just an extra, you basically face the screen more than facing the cover. The laptop weighs around 2.6kg and is about 1.2 inches thick. I personally think it is slightly heavy than GF75 even though it is 15.6” inches model. The overall design is quite decent but I still feel a little plastic feel when it comes to feel and sensation on overall build.

MSI GE63 8SF 096MY with its RGB keyboard

            Top: MSI logo with lighting and 2 stripes of RGB lighting on each side

            Top: MSI logo with lighting and 2 stripes of RGB lighting on each side (dark view)

      2x USB Type A (red lighting feature), 1x charging port and 1x SD memory card slot

1x 3.5mm headphone jack, 1x 3.5mm microphone jack, 1x USB Type A (red lighting feature), 1x Type C, 1x HDMI port, 1x LAN port and 1x Mini Display port

Display and Speakers

The MSI GE63 has a display of 15.6” inch FHD (1920 x 1080) with IPS panel and not to forget a whopping 144Hz refresh rate! Looking at a 144Hz display, you will feel the different compared to 60Hz. How big is the difference you ask? The higher the refresh rate, the sharper and smoother the images and videos shown in the display without stuttering and frame drops.

15.6” inch FHD (1920 x 1080), IPS display panel with 144Hz refresh rate

The speaker for MSI GE63 is quite satisfying as it is equipped with DynaAudio speaker system. Sounds can easily fill a small-sized meeting room and you can fine tune the laptop’s sound system using Nahimic 3 audio software which is already pre-installed.

Performance and Battery Life

Speaking of performance, the MSI GE63 performed up to my expectation. Equipped with the latest 9th generation Intel Core I7 processor, 16GB ram, 512GB SSD with additional 1TB HDD for additional storage and the all new Nvidia RTX 2070 graphic card, you will never go wrong with this gaming laptop. Since it’s using RTX gpu, I decided to use graphic demanding games such as Apex Legends, Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 with all the graphic setting set to the maximum. Well as expected, all 3 games run at 100 FPS and above without any problem.

Moving on to battery life, the MSI GE63 can last me for 3-4 hours on normal use while around 2 hours on gaming. Overall the battery performs on scale matching its display of 15.6” inch with the RTX 2070.

            Apex Legends: 273 WEST, target enemy spotted! Proceed with carelessness.

            Devil May Cry 5: devil may emo, devil may sad?

Resident Evil 2 Remake: sorry for disturbing your opera singing audition


The MSI GE63 has a fantastic looking keyboard. Why? It’s a freaking SteelSeries keyboard, one of the best keyboard manufacturers in the world. The keyboard is fun to type, easy to game on and the keycap travel distance is just nice although it is not a mechanical switch. The feedback received is good and not so harsh at all. Another best feature of the keyboard will be its RGB lighting system on each individually lit key. Tell me who doesn’t like RGB and nowadays it’s a trend.

Feast your eyes and drool at this Marvellous RGB SteelSeries Keyboard~~


Needless to say, a high spec gaming laptop must accompany with multiple gaming software to enhance gamer’s performance. Most importantly, you get show it off to your peers. The first software it has is the MSI Dragon Center which acts as a command center to adjust the laptop capability. Then we have SteelSeries Engine 3 gaming software which have a list of multiple applications such as Discord and Audio Visualizer to tune the RGB lighting when you play any music or songs. The SteelSeries Engine 3 can also be used to customize the laptop and gaming gears RGB system with MSI Mystic Light.

A list of SteelSeries Engine 3 applications to customize your gaming experience

Use the SteelSeries Engine 3 to customize your MSI GE63 and Gaming Gears RGB effects with MSI Mystic Light

Moving on, MSI GE63 also have KILLER WiFi which is an application to enhance your internet speed and eliminates background application and processes that may be hogging your internet connection. This will ensure you will be able to kill your enemies and won’t experience lagging halfway through the game. Last but not least, it has Nahimic 3 Audio software which you can use it to customize all-in-one entertainment experience according to your preference. It has 4 pre-sets of music, movie, communication and gaming to choose.

KILLER WiFi: an application to enhance your internet speed and kill-off LAG

Nahimic 3 Audio Software: fine tune your audio setting with DynaAudio speakers


Well, I would like to say that MSI GE63 does leave me a lasting impression with all of its features and specifications. The price for this model is selling at RM 8,299. There is another model of the same spec except that its Nvidia RTX 2060 which retails at RM 7,899. Although the price is quite high, I would say that its rather justified based from the specifications and features given. In my humble opinion, MSI GE63 will be more suitable to gamers or graphic designers that requires high amount of rendering and extreme graphic-demanding games.

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