MSI’s CES 2020 showcase was a big hit with many innovative products stealing the show and winning CES innovation award honors. Continuing its quest for excellence, MSI’s new range of PC cases (cabinets) have something for both gamers and professional.

The cabinets share a few common characteristics. They look stunning and feature an easy-to-upgrade design – making them a perfect fit for gamers and professionals who prefer building their own PC. Without further ado, here are the products that caused quite a buzz at CES this year.


Inspired by the forge where metals are shaped using heat and hammers, MSI’s Forge series of PC cabinets have been designed from the ground up to be sturdy, reliable, and robust.
Gamers need access to hardware that is capable of delivering smooth game experience even during long gaming sessions. So, the MAG FORGE cases come equipped with up to 3 pre-installed ARGB fans! While regular RGB fans allow you to switch color and add effects, ARGB fans grant you access to a much wider variety of colors and effects, including syncing with other components in your system. As usual, you can use MSI Mystic Light sync for easy color and effect management.
All FORGE cases come with pre-installed front and rear fans for optimal airflow. While the front intake gives your hardware access to fresh, cold air regularly, the rear exhaust rids your system of heated air as fast as possible.
Its side panel features a gorgeous tempered glass, and the interior has just enough space to ensconce an ATX motherboard at its heart without any issues. All the products in the MAG FORGE PC Case lineup feature a tempered glass panel that will allow you to show off your clean build in all its glory.
With a robust and loud design, this range of cabinets from MSI is sure to draw everyone’s attention. In fact, adding this to your rig ensures that people will notice it as soon as they walk into your room.
Although the MAG Forge 100 Series lineup features relatively compact cases, it can still comfortably house 240mm radiators if required.


When it comes to professionals who need access to quality, cost-effectiveness, and power in a single package, the Creator 400M case is a perfect fit. The Prestige Creator 400M’s design is inspired by the golden ratio – a quest for perfection. Along with style, the Creator 400M chassis also supports larger motherboard sizes like Extended ATX. Considering the powerful hardware and PCI-E devices needed by content creators, this is an ideal solution. You can also add full-size GPUs to the system without worrying about the space required to accommodate them.
The side panel is crafted using laminated tempered glass to add a modern and sleek look to the case. After all, you have to show off that gorgeous PC you built and all the powerful components inside.
Running powerful hardware does usually come at the cost of noise. However, MSI’s innovative design using bonded soundproof cotton on 3 sides of the case seeks to drastically reduce noise from your system without affecting cooling performance or size. What’s more, it supports a silent mode to keep your PC dead-silent when you’re working on your project. Another mode, called creator mode, accelerates your workflow.
The front intake fans flood the interior of the Creator 400M with fresh, cold air, and the rear exhaust pushes out hot air out of the case. It boasts ample space to use even massive 360mm liquid cooling radiators.


If you want to see these PC cases in action, make sure you come by the MSI booth at CES 2020! You can also follow the MSI Gaming Instagram page for sneak-peeks at these products and the events at CES.

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