Computex is finally here and, boy, do we have some exciting surprises in store for you! A brand-new product segment, revolutionary products, and innovation form the foundation of our Computex 2019 showcase. Every MSI product segment is designed to sate the needs of a specific type of PC user. While extreme overclockers and performance-hungry folks will love our MEG offerings, gamers looking for value buys will fall head over heels for our MAG series of products. There’s something for everyone here! Here’s a quick look at each of these segments and what you can expect:


MEG: MSI Enthusiast Gaming – Pinnacle of Innovation and Extreme Overclocking

Enthusiasts can make full use of the most innovative technologies. We designed the MEG series of products to offer power, reliability, and a rich feature-set to those who love having the best. Whether it’s getting access the newest networking standards or being able to enjoy state-of-the-art cooling solutions for stable overclocking, every product in the MEG segment comes equipped with the latest and greatest that modern technology has to offer. The materials, textures, and the overall design used for every MEG product just screams luxury.

MPG: MSI Performance Gaming – Reliable Performance and Customizability

Every MPG product is designed for intermediate gamers – giving them access to the tools and performance they need to enjoy their gaming session without compromising on their ability to tinker around with their build. We incorporated this segment with vibrant color tones and gorgeous lighting patterns. A blend of hardware extensibility, premium materials, and software support allows you to experiment with the style of your gaming rig. Gamers can enjoy epic gaming performance in addition to various RGB and ARGB extension options, like hubs on cases, ARGB pins on motherboards, built-in RGB parts, and so on.

MAG: MSI Arsenal Gaming – Solid Build and User-Friendly Features

Some gamers just want a robust, reliable platform that works. Featuring a design language that captures its sturdiness and durability, the MAG series of products is perfect for gamers who prefer simplicity and bang-for-buck. We’ve weaved a perfect symphony of user-friendly designs, sturdy builds, and durable materials to create every single product in this series. Products in the MAG segment will help even entry-level gamers get going with minimal hassle.

PRESTIGE – Top-Notch Performance and Extensibility, Made for Content Creators

Content creators and professionals deal with compute-heavy tasks on a daily basis. The PRESTIGE segment was engineered with features that will help content creators build a formidable workstation without a headache. Tasks like video editing, rendering, 3D graphic designing, and more require fast hardware as well as ultra-fast peripherals that can keep up with them. Hence, in addition to support for the fastest hardware and cooling solutions, PRESTIGE products will typically boast access to the newest peripheral connectivity interfaces as well as latest-gen networking standards.


MEG Series: The Latest X570 High-End Gaming Motherboards

MEG X570 GODLIKE Motherboard

The MEG X570 GODLIKE E-ATX is MSI’s flagship motherboard. It is designed for those who cannot do without extreme performance and overclocking.

Whether you’re running multi-GPU setups or overclocked high-core-count CPUs, MEG X570 GODLIKE is engineered to extract the most out of your components without running into thermal throttling issues. Its gargantuan monstrous VRM will sate the desires of the most avid overclockers among you – allowing you to push your brand-new CPUs to the very limit.

A host of cooling technologies includes FROZR Heatsink Design, Extended Heat-Pipe, and M.2 Shield FROZR to help cool various motherboard parts and peripherals, protecting them from harm and enhancing their performance over long sessions at the same time.

The motherboard also features Triple Lightning Gen4 M.2 slots allowing you to add multiple, ultra-fast storage devices to your PC. We’ve also added the latest networking standards to this motherboard (Wi-Fi 6 and 10 GbE LAN accessory card) to make sure that you enjoy blazing-fast transfer speeds, low latencies, and increased stability.

MEG X570 ACE Motherboard

An awe-striking all-golden DIY system will show off this gorgeous motherboard in all its glory.

Built to handle even the most demanding AMD Ryzen 3000-series processors, the MEG X570 ACE ATX motherboard is one of the finest motherboards we’ve ever designed. Like our top tier GODLIKE and CREATION motherboards, the MEG X570 ACE also boasts an extended heat pipe, which combines with the FROZR heatsink and M.2 Shield FROZR to keep the system cool and maximize performance. You can now push your hardware to the absolute limit without running into thermal throttling issues or sudden shutdowns.

Whether you’re gaming or streaming high-definition video content, the built-in Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit LAN will ensure that your networking experience (both wired and wireless) remain stable – eliminating jitter and high latency at a network level.

You can find more details about the X570 motherboards in our lineup article.

MPG Seies: MPG SEKIRA 500 PC Case

These cases are designed to spruce up your workstations and gaming rigs. Not only do they show off your builds proudly with sleek tempered glass side panels, but they also feature numerous user-friendly features that make them an excellent choice for all types of gamers and professionals.

If you love customizing the lighting on your PC, the SEKIRA 500X is the one for you. It features 200mm ARGB fans and an ARGB hub to help you personalize your rig, the way you want. RGB doesn’t need to be loud and flashy. The MPG SEKIRA 500X proves it with its quiet elegance!

More details about all MPG SEKIRA 500 Series in our SEKIRA Lineup article!


These MPG X570 motherboards are more than capable of handling AMD’s latest-gen (Ryzen 3000 series) processors. Not only do they handle high-core count CPUs like champs, but they also allow for reasonable overclocking! Built-in cooling technologies like the FROZR Heatsink design have revolutionized our lineup, and these MPG motherboards are no different.

Combining 3rd Gen Ryzen processors, MSI X570 motherboards feature latest Lightning Gen 4 solution on both PCI-E and M.2 slot. Gamers who love a boost of performance and a PC that is truly their own will love every one of these motherboards. From simple, elegant designs to drop-dead gorgeous, these brand-new MPG X570 motherboards have something for everyone.

Find out all about these latest motherboards in this X570 lineup article. They’ll be hitting shelves soon!

Optix MPG341CQR UWQHD Smart Gaming Monitor

When we set out to create the perfect ultra-wide 1440p monitor, we had one objective – build quality and gorgeous visuals. Little did we know that we’d end up with something that not only delivers what we wanted, but could do so much more! The Optix MPG341CQR UWQHD Gaming Monitor is nothing short of a masterpiece.

It boasts a variety of smart features that will make your life much easier. From recognizing you and setting your display settings to just how you like them to automatically detecting ambient light and adjusting brightness, this monitor does all the work for you.

The panel itself is also a fantastic engineering feat. It features a VA panel with a 1440p ultra-wide resolution that looks absolutely stunning. The 1800R curved ultra-wide panel is reinforced by many layers of protection so that its structural integrity never fails you – enhancing its longevity considerably.

A mouse bungee and camera cradle allow you to place your peripherals neatly and conveniently, without cluttering up your desk. We hate loose wires and devices strewn across our table too!

You can check out our full coverage of the Optix MPG341CQR UWQHD Gaming Monitor here.

MPG HARPE 300X PC Cases : the First Airtight Tempered Glass Case

Named after the sword of Perseus that was used to slay Medusa the Gorgon in Greek mythology, MPG HARPE 300 series of cases is designed to help you concentrate on the task at hand, almost eliminating system noise. The design is a playful blend of seriousness and frivolity. The sleek aluminum front shows class while the glass side panel unabashedly shows off your gorgeous build to the world. It houses an ARGB hub that you can use to connect ARGB strips and get your case lit up exactly the way you want it to be. Featuring a unique, industry-standard airtight tempered glass design, the MPG HARPE 300 series is engineered to remain silent. High-density industrial dampening on the sides, top, and front panels considerably reduce various system noises like fans and water-cooling pumps.

MAS Series:
Optix MAG321CURV 4K Gaming Monitor with Night Vision

Enjoy a unique blend of gamer-friendly features with the Optix MAG321CURV Curved Gaming Monitor. In fact, a combination of 4K native resolution, low input lag, and HDR ready panel make it suitable for all types of gamers, especially those who love playing on their consoles.

With improved hardware that supports this stunning resolution, 4K gaming is now a real possibility. The MAG321CURV Gaming Monitor helps you see more of the battlefield, and in much better detail, without compromising on your gaming experience in any way.

Everyone hates a night scene that is completely hidden from view or lit up like the 4th of July. MSI Night Vision technology is the result of an improved black-tuner that allows this monitor to display deeper blacks without disappearing into the darkness. The night actually looks like the night on the Optix MAG321CURV 4K Gaming Monitor.

Find out more about the Optix MAG321CURV 4K Gaming Monitor here.


The PRESTIGE X570 CREATION is the result of gorgeous designs and brilliant engineering. Made for content creators, this motherboard boasts a variety of creator-friendly features that will help them be faster and more productive at the same time.

Whether you want to edit videos, photos, render complex models, or create raw 3D graphics and tweak them in real time, the X570 CREATION motherboard will give you the expansion capabilities you need to work without limits.

Built-in 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN and Intel Wi-Fi 6 make networking a breeze on the PRESTIGE X570 CREATION motherboard. While the latest Wi-Fi generation brings better speeds, higher bandwidth, and more stability to your wireless connection, the 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN equips you with an incredible amount of network bandwidth when using a wired connection.

Prestige PS341WU 5K Ultrawide Monitor

Content creators need color accuracy, a high-resolution panel, and screen real estate. The Prestige PS341WU 5K Ultrawide Monitor is a perfect blend of high-end specifications and elegant design. The slim, bezel-less design captures the serious, professional tone of the monitor while the graceful curves exude a certain charm that will simply bowl you over.

The IPS panel used here ensures that you never encounter color degradation at wide viewing angles. In fact, the Prestige PS341WU monitor features a Nano-IPS display – giving it the ability to display a much broader color gamut, straight up beating many of the very best IPS monitors out there.

An HDR 600 certification, a Nano IPS panel, and an astounding 98% DCI-P3 color gamut cement this monitor’s position as one of the most premium products ever designed for content creators. The 5K ultra-wide resolution gives you enough screen real estate to edit a full-blown 4k video and still have space left over!

Prestige P100 Desktop

The Prestige P100 Desktop is a perfect example of how looks can be quite deceiving. At first glance, this desktop doesn’t reveal the immense power of the hardware packed into it! Content Creators need access to substantial computing power, and the P100 delivers. The potent combination of a 9th Generation Intel Core i9 9900K and an Nvidia RTX Graphics Card from MSI make this a real beast when it comes to performance.

While the RTX graphics card grants you access to the world of real-time ray tracing, the Intel Core i9 packs enough power to handle even the most processor-intensive task with ease. The Prestige P100 Desktop is designed to handle powerful hardware, and can thus, manage the heat dissipated effectively – ensuring that you never run into thermal throttling issues.

The M.2 PCI-e SSDs guarantee zippy storage performance while the high-capacity HDD gives you more than enough space to store your data. It also features 10 Gigabit LAN for a lightning-fast networking experience and DDR4 Boost for unmatched memory performance.

Read our full Prestige lineup coverage to know more about the segment and the other brand-new products in this segment.

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