Microcontroller Unit (MCU) is the secret weapon that MSI use to make the gaming monitors smart and multi-functional. It is a small chip installed in MSI’s gaming monitor that enables the monitor to communicate with desktops through USB connection, which opens new ways for gamers to control the monitor and possibilities for monitor’s functionalities. Below are the new functions in MSI’s monitor thanks to the MCU design:


The brightness of your monitor can be automatically adjusted based on the amount of lighting in your computer’s environment. The camera module in the monitor can detect the brightness in the environment, and will send the data to the desktop to calculate the best brightness level for monitor. The result will send to MCU which will adjust the monitor brightness to achieve a comfortable viewing experience for the user. The whole process also saves users time from having to manually adjust the monitor’s brightness level. In the same time, facial recognition can also be achieved with the camera module and MCU. By recognizing the user’s face with a camera, the desktop can ask MCU to adjust the monitor based on the user’s preset.



With MCU, the information collected from the games can be sent to the monitor and be computed into RGB light signals. In-game information like health point, money, kills count or mana count can all be translated into RGB lightings, allowing users to see the information easily through the RGB light on their monitors. It also creates an exciting atmosphere in gamers’ room as gaming information now has been turned into real-life RGB effect.

*Besides many RGB effect modes, MCU has transform the RGB lights on monitors into information lights for gaming



Upgrading the firmware of the monitor used to be a tedious task, as users usually have to send the monitor back to the manufacturer to be updated. With MCU, MSI monitors can now be upgraded by its user easily. Since MCU is in charge of communicating between the monitor and desktop through a USB cable, users now can download the upgrade package for their monitor and install them to keep the monitor in newest configuration.


Gaming OSD is MSI’s exclusive monitor software. It allows user to customized the monitor’s configuration and save them into different profiles. With the release of Gaming OSD 2.0, there are more features being added into the software, such as split windows that projects different software windows into different segments on the screen, Smart RGB that collects the weather condition in the users area and reflects it onto the monitor’s RGB light, and shortcuts for multiple screen projection or other traditional windows tool like mouse setting and keyboard setting. All of these cool new functions can only be realized because of the MCU chip MSI has implanted into their gaming monitors.

*Many useful functions can be found in Gaming OSD 2.0.

Gamers! Hope after reading the benefits that MCU could bring to the monitors, you can understand there is an unmatched level of quality in MSI’s monitors, as it offers hot-key control, facial recognition and unlimited upgradability. MSI MCU design keeps your monitor at the very forefront of your gaming experience. If you want to see the demonstration of MCU functions, please visit our “>interactive webpage for MCU, where you will see the MCU’s unique features, download links for Gaming OSD, Q&A and the list of MSI monitors that have MCU.

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