AMD’s 3rd Generation Ryzen Processors deliver extraordinary performance. As soon as we saw these processors, we realized that we had to up our game when it came to engineering motherboards for these beastly CPUs. With our brand-new X570 motherboard lineup, we’ve done just that!

Harnessing the power of 3rd Gen Ryzen and enhancing their capabilities to the max takes something special. Our latest X570 boards come with a slew of thermal improvements that will help you push these processors to the limit, without running into thermal barriers.

The AMD Ryzen 3000-series brings the world’s first 7nm processor architecture to the mainstream market. This means faster, more powerful processors for everyone! The 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen CPUs are also the very first processors to support the PCI-E 4.0 standard, giving you access to a whole new generation of lightning-fast peripherals. This new standard provides an astounding bandwidth of 64 GB/s, more than enough for even the most demanding data retrieval/access tasks out there.


Improving on great products is tough. However, we knew that we needed to deliver only the best for the new AMD Ryzen 3000-series of processors. With substantially better thermal performance, we’ve outpaced the competition by a considerable margin.

This ensures that an MSI X570 motherboard combined with the new 3rd Generation Ryzen CPU makes for an unbeatable match when it comes to better raw performance at lower temperatures!

However, these improvements weren’t easy. They are the result of multiple innovative thermal solutions working hand-in-hand to facilitate a cool and quiet environment for your Ryzen 3000-series processors.

If you want to find out how we managed to lower temperatures by up to 28°C in some components with some intelligent design, read on!

Improved Thermal Solutions on the MEG X570 GODLIKE



The X570 chipset is designed to support the latest and greatest connectivity standards that offer blazing-fast speeds when it comes to bandwidth. Considering that addition to handling the sheer power of the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processors, we knew we had to rethink the motherboard heatsink.

Our patented propeller blade fan turned out to be the perfect solution. It features a double-ball-bearing design that substantially extends the lifespan of this fan – up to 4x the life compared to a standard sleeve fan!


The FROZR fan is mounted on the heatsink and accomplishes two things in one stroke: maximizes overall airflow in the system and cools the chipset directly.


Improved thermals should never come at the cost of noise. Although even at high speeds, the FROZR fan performs remarkably well while remaining silent, we knew we could do a bit more.

Introducing ZERO FROZR technology on MSI X570 motherboards!

A smart sensor detects whether your system is stressed and whether temperatures are sufficiently low. If it finds that temperatures are low, the FROZR fan won’t spin up at all! It only works when it needs to cool your system down – eliminating any and all noise altogether.

The MSI Dragon Center also allows you to choose from various operating modes of the fan. You can manually pick from Boost/Gaming/Silent modes depending on the tasks you’re running. While boost mode will run the fan at close to max RPM and provide the best cooling, silent mode will keep the fan slow and quiet.




Most of our improved thermal solutions required some out-of-the-box thinking, but for this one, we had to think outside the heatsink for maximum impact.


A copper heat-pipe extends across the board to the chipset. Remember our on-board propeller PCH fan from earlier? The fan helps in generating additional airflow, which is critical for cooling this extended heat-pipe efficiently. This maximizes conduction and heat dissipation – lowering PWM temperatures substantially.


These lower temperatures help you make full use of AMD technologies like Precision Boost Overdrive and Extended Frequency Range for pushing your hardware to the very limit and get the most out of them. Moreover, it’ll also ensure that you can enjoy a more stable and better overclocking experience overall.


To lower temperatures even further, we’ve equipped the X570 motherboards with extended heatsinks. This increased surface area maximizes the conduction surface, which in turn enhances heat dissipation.

An improved circuit design works hand-in-hand with the extended heatsink to dissipate heat more efficiently. Not only does this cool the DrMOS directly but it also lowers system temperatures.

This innovative design ensures that these MSI X570 motherboards will harness the astounding computing power of even a top-end 16-core 3rd Gen Ryzen processor without breaking a sweat. What’s more, you’ll be able to overclock it easily without compromising on either temperatures or system stability thanks to these thermal improvements.




NVMe SSD drives offer blistering performance that helps you in all sort of tasks. Whether you want to boot Windows up quickly or load a game as soon as possible, the utility of SSDs is clearly unquestionable today. However, higher temperatures do throttle a drive’s performance, and that’s why we had to make sure that your SSD is never held back by heat when using an MSI motherboard.


Our X570 motherboards are equipped with M.2 Shield FROZR Technology – a unique thermal pad that shields SSDs against heat. This prevents thermal throttling and ensures that even the most demanding NVMe drives are working optimally at all times.

We’ve taken it a step further in our MEG X570 GODLIKE motherboard! It features dual M.2 thermal pads that dissipate heat much more efficiently – decreasing SSD temperatures by up to 10°C.


An array of innovative thermal solutions enhance performance and lower temperatures across MSI X570 motherboards. This gives you more overclocking headroom, increased system stability, and reliability over extended gaming or heavy-computing sessions.

An infrared heatmap of our motherboard at load shows the significant improvements in temperatures. Compared to a motherboard without these latest improved thermal solutions, the new designs clearly have an edge when it comes to operating temperature.


The propeller blade PCH fan lowers chipset temperature by an incredible 11°C (51.8°F) while the M.2 Shield FROZR thermal pad brings down SSD temperatures by up to 28°C (82.4°F). Our unique extended heat-pipe design brings down VRM temperatures by up to 10°C (50°F) as well.

The brand-new MSI X570 motherboard lineup implements an array of thermal solutions, explicitly designed to maximize performance and overclockability of a 3rd Generation Ryzen system. Whether you’re gaming or creating content, these motherboards will ensure that you don’t face any dips in performance due to bad thermals.

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