The world is rich, full of incredible ideas that won’t come to reality and moments that won’t be experienced. There’s only so much each of us can see, hear, and do every day, every minute – so much lost potential lost to time.


For us who game and create, we take in experiences and share for everyone to enjoy, to hate, to laugh, to scream. The needs for hardcore gaming and demanding digital productivity have blurred over time and today, it’s possible for your next battlestation to also be your next studio PC. Whether it gets as specialized as a video game rendering in real-time and scene by scene 4K rendering, or as blurry as game livestreaming, maximizing potential has never been so possible.
Welcome EVOKE, a new entry to the MSI’s 5700 graphics card series with an eye-catching metallic champagne gold livery. Beneath the sleek and clean all-metal cover is a robust heatsink cooled by a pair of high-performance yet noise-efficient fans. Small details such as carved grilles on the top and the bottom highlight the minimalistic geometry while affording increased surface area for heat dissipation. This graphics card is truly a beautiful unification of both function and aesthetic.


Turn potential into possibility with MSI Radeon™ RX 5700 EVOKE Series. The new NAVI GPU microarchitecture boasts an improved video render engine over previous generations, supporting faster encoder times up to 40%. Radeon Multimedia Engine offers CODEC-specific hardware acceleration, offloading both encoding and decoding from the CPU and is updated with support for more media file formats. Additionally, gaming capabilities bring value with performance capable of 1440p gaming. Experience a new level of graphic realism, responsiveness, and high-framerates in games with up to 1.25X higher performance-per-clock and up to 1.5X higher performance-per-watt compared to AMD’s previous Graphic Core Next microarchitecture.


Live and create your own experiences with a graphics card that’s as beautiful as the worlds you see and hear. Meet your full potential with the MSI Radeon™ RX 5700 EVOKE Series.

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