Why there is no relative promotion appear in my member center account?

  • Check if your product is the eligible model.
  • Check if your invoice is in the ineligible period.
  • Make sure the country you live in is in the eligible country for the promotion.
  • Make sure you purchased the eligible product from MSI partners in your domiciled region

What redeem priority it will be checked?

Redeem priority will follow redeem application time instead of purchase time.

Why member center showed “code is out” before but is available to redeem again on the system after few days?

Redemption entries may become available due to the rejection of ineligible applications. In such instances, available redemption entries will be allotted to an eligible application next in line pursuant to the stated first come, first served redemption basis.

What should I do if I received an email informing me that my claim was incomplete?

Please make sure that you had provided:

  • Invoice/purchase proof which includes purchase date, purchase store, and purchase model
  • SN number picture that on the product itself, not on the package
*Please make sure you will re-applied proof within 14 days or your application will be rejected and need to re-apply.

How long does it take to process the application and when will I receive my gift?

Redeem priority will follow redeem application time instead of purchase time. All applications might take up:

*Digital code – up to 14 working days to be verified after you provide the proof. If the claim was incomplete and need to provide more proof which will take another 7-14 working days.

Why am I not receive an email after my participation?

If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder and deactivate your email filter.

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