Terms and Conditions:
1. Will cover GT-series, GS-series, GE-series, GP-series, Alpha-series, all MSI Workstation laptops, and all the MSI Prestige Series laptops. 
2. Please backup your data in the storage drive(s) before coming to the laptop check-up.
MSI Malaysia is not responsible for any data storage or restoration.
3. Reservation for this service is a must and needs to be made online with the link given.
Any request made on-site without reservation would not be served and honored.
We will send a confirmation mail to the said owner after he/she has made a reservation request online.
4. To ensure the quality of the laptop check-up, service personals will only inform the waiting time after checking the laptops, and no urgent service request will be served.
5. The laptop check-up does not include any repair services.
Any errors and malfunctions diagnosed during and after the laptop check-up will be fixed via MSI Malaysia’s repair policy after the agreement from the owners.
There will not be any on-site repair services provided.
-If the product is under warranty: free repair if a malfunction occurs under normal operations
-if the product is not under warranty: a repair service charge will be imposed which is the sum of the repair cost, parts cost and shipment cost if there is any
6. The free gifts available are site-limited and quantity-limited.
No extra notice would be released if there are no more free gifts.
7. MSI Malaysia reserves the rights to amend, postpone or cancel the service due to force majeure.