• Nickel-plated copper base connected with four highly efficient 8mm heat pipes and aluminum fins to dissipate up to 200W of heat from the CPU
    • Premium Thermal Compound X ensures lasting heat conductivity
    • Airflow control technology uses special deflectors in the fins to direct more air onto the heat pipes for better cooling.
    • 120mm Fan featuring the award-winning MSI TORX design uses Hydro-dynamic bearing to increase airflow
    • 2 sets of Fan clips compatible with 120mm, allowing for dual-fan setup in push/pull configuration
    • Smart base design leaves space for graphics card on 1st PCI-e slot
    • Easy to install and compatible with all Intel and AMD platforms
    • Metal CPU cooler backplatefor extra toughness to prevent motherboard bending through long term usage
    • Customizable cover panels in black & silver included in the box featuring the MSI GAMING shield LED

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